For a Paw-some Life: The Pups N' Beds Mission

Committed to Your Pets, Embracing Our Roots 🐾

At Pups N' Beds, we don't just sell pet products – we deliver solutions, peace of mind, and a gateway to happier pet parenting. As a proudly Australian family-owned business, we recognize and understand the joys and challenges that come with being a furry friend's parent.

We know that a good night's sleep can make all the difference to your pet's health and happiness. Hence, we've designed our range of calming beds with utmost love, ensuring your pet feels secure, comfortable, and loved, just as they would in their mother's embrace.

Travel anxiety or a fear of mishaps during journeys can be distressing for pet parents. Addressing this concern, our car calming beds provide safety and comfort, transforming potentially stressful journeys into serene rides.

Your pet's security and the desire for their freedom aren't mutually exclusive – and our harnesses stand testimony to this. Designed for comfort and security, they ensure walks are a source of joy, not worry.

And we haven't forgotten about you! From sofa protectors that keep your furniture pristine without compromising on style to a variety of other pet essentials, we've got your needs covered too.

Paying homage to our heritage, we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land, the Bunurong People of the Kulin Nation, whose respect for nature and wildlife inspires us to create products in harmony with your pet's natural instincts.

As Pups N' Beds, a brand owned by Orange Berry Pty Ltd (ABN: 22 651 326 108, Trademark No. ATSZ - 2312360898), we promise to continue delivering solutions that prioritize your pet's needs and contribute positively to their well-being. We warmly welcome you to our family and look forward to serving you and your pets with unwavering dedication and excellence. 🐾🌟